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Suggested Resources to Start "Hard Conversations"
 “I’m A Piece of Work”                                     Dr. Cynthia Hale
“Stories from Inner Space”                              Dr. Claudette Copeland
“Christ Life”                                                      Ruth Myers
“Experiencing God”                                         Henry Blackaby
“So Long Insecurity”                                        Beth Moore
“Praying God’s Word”                                     Beth Moore
“Breaking Free”                                               Beth Moore
“Get Out of That Pit”                                        Beth Moore
“Every Young Women’s Battle”                        Etheridge & Arteburn
“The Truth About Sex”                                      Kay Arthur
 “The Naked Truth”                                           Nakita Garth-Wright
“The Diva Mystic”                                        Michelle McKinney Hammond
 “The Power of Being a Woman”                 Michelle McKinney Hammond
“The Blueprint”                                                   Kirk Franklin
 “Free at Last”                                                    Tony Evans 
“Secure In God’s Embrace”                               Ken Fong
 "World War Me"                                                Jamal Bryant
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