What If You Don't....
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What If You Don't....


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What If You Don't....

We spend so much time encouraging one another in one direction that many times we do not stop to consider what if that is the wrong direction. What if I do not get what I want most. Who discusses this? Now let me put this disclaimer here because I do realize that GOD CAN, GOD WILL, GOD DOES..., GOD'S DELAY IS NOT GOD'S DENIAL, GOD IS FAITHFUL TO FULFILL EVERY PROMISE, GOD'S PROMISES ARE YEA AND AMEN.... 
What I am pondering is when our desires, goals, wishes, hopes are not evil nor sinful BUT they are simply NOT GOD'S plan nor design for our lives individually. What if God does not co-sign our vision or dream or request?
Examples: David desired with sincere motive to build a house for God to dwell in. It was a good idea; even the prophet thought so, but God said no (See 2 Samuel 7). God's plan for David and his future was actually far greater and more important for all eternity. God made David a house. The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Messiah, the Christ, is the forever dynasty of David's house. David is a house. That is better than building one; no matter how big and beautiful the temple was. NO ONE else has that particular testimony/covenant    promise made directly to them by God but many are the beneficiaries.  
Acts 16:6-10 finds the Apostle Paul forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia but re-directed by the Spirit to go to Macedonia. Certainly it was a good idea to preach the gospel in Asia, after all Paul was called to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. However, God wanted him elsewhere at that particular time preaching the gospel. The reward of his obedience is ginormous to say the least.
I know we may not want to admit it but just maybe you and I are so uncomfortable because God wants to do something greater through us; to create a greater legacy, have a more powerful and widespread impact than what we imagine possible.
I am writing in the enduring stage of the tension of these things, lest you believe I am talking at you. I am not. I am walking along with you on this path of what "feels" like ambiguity. Notice I placed that word feel in quotes. It is because feelings are very fickle. They are subject to change in a moment. Subject to: meaning under the control of or influence of something else. Feelings are under the control of whatever occurs or influences us at a particular time. 
SOOOOOOOOOO.... how about we stop hanging our hopes on and being subject to things that may change at any given moment and decide to stand in the truth of and in the power of our God who is absolutely unchangeable, does not fail, cannot lie, who is and was and is to come and forever, forever will be. God whose love is unconditional, whose gaze is fixed on us and is concerned about every single thing that concerns us. God who speaks and all that was not moves to what is and after all that time still is. Our God whose IS-NESS makes us His business. Our one God whose being in three persons high-jacks our understanding but necessitates and validates our purpose for life on this planet, who lets us participate in something BIGGER than we can phathom. Why not trust THAT God? Who in the person of the Son became sin so that we aren't ruled by, nor condemned by it. 
If I believe that God is and does all of the above, can't I believe that what is conceived in God's mind has to be better than what is conceived in mine? Especially, but not limited to the stuff apart from His desires/plan/directives?  (We cannot even see what God has given us in its entirety)   
So my questions is: What if you don't get what you want, planned, thought? What if it does not work according to your plan or time schedule? Don't just spout the quick christianese but sit a while. In the words of a best-sistah-girlfriend-family-member, "Let it marinate."

That is not something that we can fully answer in one sitting sometimes; especially in the tension of already and not yet. As I've wrestled, repented, surrendered (over and over, I can be a bit stubborn:-) I've come to know that the ambiguity of life reveals my weaknesses but showcases God's strength while revealing God's character and developing mine. My prayer for us, fellow-traveler is that today we will ask God and search God's word for what God wants, plans, calls us to be or do and even where God wants us to go now and next.  That we will break from our self-inflicted-addiction to hurry and appearance of productivity and simply sit quietly and allow God to speak to our inner-selves where nobody can live but God.That we sit until God is finished with that portion of our unceasing conversation with the Eternal. Then upon acknowledging that because God's name is God and God's creativity,responsibility, reputation and resources FAR EXCEED ours just by virtue of God being God, we will decide to flow in God's providence and goodness toward the destiny and fruitfulness  that is expressed in Ephesians 3:20, you know the exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think kind. GOD'S GOT THIS TOO. IT'S TIME TO GROW UP, BOW DOWN AND LET GOD HAVE IT AND YOU. 

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Kathy Goodwin on Saturday, June 01, 2013 8:42 AM
Get Ready,! Get Ready! God is not finished with you yet. I love this and you too. Be Blessed! Dr. Gee
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Latisha Reeves on Tuesday, June 04, 2013 5:12 PM
From you...that is awesome (: I receive it! I anticipate greater!

replica omega on Friday, September 27, 2013 1:28 AM
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