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Dr. Latisha Reeves utilizes preaching, teaching, speaking and creative reaching to encourage youth, young adults (and those young at heart) to dare to become and to do all that God says they can.
Latisha was a single mother at age 14. She understands well the consequences that come with personal failures and harsh criticism. 
Personal Statement:“My passion is to help others break free from the personal bondage of captive thinking, sexual immorality and self-degradation that has often been passed from generation to generation. The fruit of this unhealthy mindset continues to reproduce itself in our communities showing up in the form of spiritual rebellion and recycling its far-reaching effects.”
Preaching, Teaching, Speaking and Reaching is what we do. The objective for Dare2B U workshops are to instruct and empower using biblical teaching and practical application to promote holistic, healthy spiritual and personal growth resulting in more positive life-choices.
Topical Workshops include (not exhaustive):
  • Who Am I? Positive Self-Image and Identity in Christ  
  • Acceptance/Self-awareness/ Overcoming Insecurity    
  • Stand Out: Leading by example/ not conforming        
  • My Body, God’s Temple     
             Exercise Made Fun and practical  
  • Presenting Me                                         Appearance/Presentation/Fashion/Make-up    
  • Entertaining Me: Messages in What I Watch and Listen To
  • Stewardship: Balancing the 3 T's  
  • Exploring Education      
             Study Habits    
             Selecting a College   
             Applying for Admission   
  • Community/Social Activism Awareness/Cultural Awareness   
             Historical perspectives    
             Connecting scripture with needs and opportunity   
  • Healthy Relationships       
             Relationships (healthy and unhealthy)
  • Sexuality and Society         
              Image vs. Reality        
              Struggle with Sexual Issues, Imagery
              Abstinence and Restoration
  • Failing Forward/Restoration   
  • Wants and Desires/Personal Fulfillment 
  • Managing me: Self Control, Conflict and Boundaries   
Our goal is to T.O.U.C.H the lives of others by helping churches, agencies and other organizations create a culture that seeks to impact their community in positive ways. 
Teaching of biblical truths and practical application   
                                         Matthew 28:18-20
Outreach to our families, friends and community 
                                Mark 6:33-44
Understanding our purpose and call to serve           
                                Isaiah 61:1-4
Changing our perspectives, actions and community 
                                                 Romans 12:1-2;Joshua 1:1-9;
                                               Luke 22:31-32; Isaiah 61:1-4
Hands-on service to mobilize the message
                                        1 Kings 7:3-11
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